Aurora Award Nordplus Junior

Nordplus Aurora Award, rösta!

Tre finalister har utsetts till Nordplus Junior Aurora Award 2023 och nu kan du rösta på din favorit. Det åländska projektet Fysisk aktivitet som kulturell mötesplats med Kyrkby högstadium som huvudpartner hade också uttagits som kandidat till finalplatserna men nådde tyvärr inte ända fram. Bara det är värt ett omnmämnade, bra gjort! Även om det inte är någon åländsk skola bland finalisterna kan ni ändå lägga er röst på något av dem som röstades fram. Projektbeskrivningarna kan också ge tankar för era egna projektidéer.

Finalist 1: Children health improvement by integrating five elements of S. Kneipp philosophy: water, movement, herbs, emotions, healthy diet

A collaboration between Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Iceland with Arbu Kindergarten in Tallinn as coordinator. Network project on the theme of health and healthy lifestyle. the project has resulted in a methodological tool in the form of the book "The best health book for children" which is free to use. 

The jury's comment

  • A project with many partners and participants, including families, where everyone is systematically encouraged to a healthy lifestyle
  • Well implemented and integrated into daily operations with clear results
  • Embraces the whole concept og health - including children's emotional and mental health
  • Connects to Nordplus focus area 2023-2024 - social sustainability
  • Shows that lifelong learning starts in preschool

"The best health book for children" (Facebook)

Finalist 2: New Tendencies in Economics and Entrepreneurship

A collaboration between Sweden, Iceland, Latvia and Estonia with Swedish Calmare International School as coordinator. Development project with class exchanges on the theme of social entrepreneurship, circular economy and sharing economy, continued in a new project with a focus on sustainable services. 

The jury's comment

  • Large, well-planned and long-term project that switched to digital during the pandemic
  • Includes students with different learning styles
  • Interesting themes that include modern, changing society as well as entrepreneurship and sustainable development
  • Cooperation also with business and higher education 

New Tendencies in Economics and Entrepreneurship (Facebook)
Pictures from exchange (Animoto)
Website of the project (now followed by new project Designing services for a greener future)

Finalist 3: Outdoor learning with Montessori pedagogical system - a healthy start to joyful lifelong learning via partnership between latvian and norwegian preschools

A collaboration between Latvia and Norway, with latvian Montessori and Musics Christian Preschool Knäbis as coordinator. Teacher exchanges on the theme of outdoor leraning.

The jury's comment

  • Well-planned innovative project combining outdoor learning and Montessori methodology, covering main educational areas
  • Arrangement of a successful event - Conference of North - gathering more over 300 participants
  • Sharing result of the project in an excellent way
  • The collaborative work resulted in a Montessori based educational e-book

Open air kindergartens are needed in Latvia (article at


Voting opens on the 15th of September. Vote for the candidate you think is most deserving of this year's prize via the link by the 30th of September at the latest! Vote (by the 31th of May at the latest!)

Winning project

We will announce the winning project at the conference EMIL - a meeting place for international learning - which will take place in Stockholm on the 1st of November. We also announce winning projects here on the website. Winning projects receive, in addition to honour and attention, a diploma and a trip with a workshop and overnight stay to Stockholm in connection to the award ceremony.